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About Ciara and Bark Bark

Ciara and Bark Bark
share many adventures together.
During their adventures,
Ciara speaks to Bark Bark in English
and Bark Bark speaks to Ciara in Irish.
As they encounter the world around
them, Ciara discovers new words
in a new language.
Follow along with these best friends
and see what you will discover!

Ciara and Bark Bark Discover Numbers (Bark Bark Speaks Irish)



"I think it’s adorable! As a Speech Pathologist, I am always looking for ways that I can expand the reading experience of my children by asking questions related to the story. I love that there is some inferencing to ask “how” questions! It’s to the point, doesn’t deviate from the main idea.  I love it. I think it would be awesome to adapt it to a sound effect book with buttons on the right to activate that say the color in Irish." 

Friends! If you want your children, grandchildren, or anyone (you truly love) to learn Irish, buy this book! It will make a great gift!

We received ours today, read it tonight, and my son and I LOVED it!  Thank you for this awesome first in a (hopefully!!) long series.

“Of course I love this book, I wrote it.”

Danny Doyle, The Author

Erin Andrade

Heidi Lynn, Speech Language Pathologist